Tucson-Sedona 2013


Tucson-Sedona 2013

2012-12-31 周一

Saguaro is the state plant of Arizona, can live for more than 100 years. They even have a national park named after saguaro.

Sunshine and snow fall at the same time

Hiked the figure rock trail last day of 2012.

Path is too wet and dangerous and have to give up half way through

2013-01-02 周三

Saguaro national park

Fight for survival: small saguaro often grow under the shade of a tree to get protection from the sun. When they grown up they took the nutrition and water from the tree and eventually kill it.

Tallest saguaro I found in the park, about 30 meters tall

Sunset from north Tucson

2013-01-03 周四

Sedona, a park two hour north of Phoenix.

Cathedral rock. The trail leading to it is a good one.

Sunset view from the Sedona airport. It's quite cold and windy there and I didn't stay for long.

This is the best place for sunset in sedona, on a small hill on our way to airport.