A trip to Guangzhou&Macau


A trip to Guangzhou&Macau

2015-01-31 周六
Shanghai Hongqiao Airpot

I wake up in 5 a.m,the trip begins now!

Guangzhou Baiyun Airpot

We take the metro to the hotel

Guangzhou Linhexi

The street in Guangzhou has many tall trees

LUNCH time.These are local food,very tasty:)

The name of the restraut is a little bit strange~

Guangzhou Huachen Square

In the afternoon, we went to Huachen Square.The square is real big, surrounds by many tall building but the square is quiet.The Guangzhou libaray, Guangdong museum, Guangzhou tower,a park and a few shopping malls make up the whole sqare.
I can hear music, see people having rests...I like this place very much.

The Guangzhou Library

Guangdong Museum

Inside the museum

Exhibition 1. It is about history of Guangdong china.I see a lot of beautiful china with colourful decorations on them.

Exhibition 2. I see many statues made of gold, sliver ...

Policedogs and the police

Wow! A big policedog!

There is an exhibition about substances which the polices use.These cars,ships..are real cool.I now know that the polices have plenty of different things for different uses.

The Guangzhou tower in daytime,not as great as it at night.

The tower change into different colours at night, but i think this one is the most beautiful one.It looks so great in the darkness.

At night, we see a fountain show(with music~)The show is terrific!Even though it is very shout,only 10minutes, but the show runs smoothly between different songs.The water seems to be alive,all dancing...

2015-02-01 周日
Guangzhou Chimelong

We go to the Chimelong crocodile park by metro(again..)i see the largest the crocodile in the world, some hippoes(i even feed them),birds and...piggy diving!Many incredible creatures live in the park.But i see a poster which says crocidile soup, that is so chinese!eat crocodiles,ill~

The hotel that we live

The statue in the lobby-many animals on it

I and the clown

This is the world largest crocodile

The hippo!they are really cute, at least i think...

Little piggy!

Black&white swans in the lake

Another crocodile


Wow,a white peacock,beautiful isn't it?

At night, we see the Chimelong international circurs.The show was AMAZING!At first, the show begins with dancing, the light starts to change into different colours...Then the clown and a princess,then the queen with a lion...Next, the all the animals, acrobatics begin.Sometimes the show is peaceful, sometimes it is real dangerous that makes people screaming.For example:some acters play the swings in the high in the sky,they jump from one swing to another and do different actions.That is my favourite part.
Above all, the show is just amazing

2015-02-02 周一
ChimeLong Safari Park

We go to ChimeLong Safari Park.First we take the train to see different animals in one area.This area has been departed in to 7 parts like:The South Afria Parrie, The Rain Forest...Each part has different animals, for example:in South Afria Parrie i see giraffes,lions and gnus.In the Asia part i see tigers,even white tigers!They are rarely to be seen all over the world.There are400 white tigers in the world, 200of them are in the ChimeLong Safari Park.All the animals are really close to the tourists.I enjoy the trip on the train very much!

Two black swans and their baby

Asian elephants

A antelope

The brown bear, big but cute

White tigers

Hippoes near the river

Girrafes, beautiful isn't?

We see dinosaur models and many different kinds of animals.

The tiger diving!These white tigers jump into the water because of the meat, then they swim in the pool, they are good swimmers.And they also climb the trees,who says tigers can't climb trees?

Other pictures of the tigers

White tiger Kelly, she is the mother of all the white tigers in the safari park.She has 14children in her life.

Baby tigers, so cute:-)This area is called Tiger Kindergarden

The Koala Zoo, the koalas are cute but we can not hug them and we have to pay money to take pictures with them:(


A panda is eating bambo

The panda triplet baby

Triplet No.1

Triplet No.2

Triplet No.3

Some other animals

A chimpanzee, when i go there one one of the chimpanzee is going crazy, keep hiting the class

A small white tiger

At night we have dinner in the White Tiger restruant, the food is real good and some tigers are just near us...But i forget to take photoes:(

2015-02-03 周二
Venetian Hotel,Macau

The last day in Guangzhou, we go to Macau by train.we live in the Ventian for one night.The hotel itself is like a city, there is a shopping mall, hotel rooms,a cinema, a theatre and a casino in it.People get lost easily because it is too big.

We have dinner in the shopping mall inside the hotel.We have Macau food and then we take the gondola (there is a man made river inside the shopping mall.The italian boatman sings songs for us, the voice is beautiful!

You can see the man made blue sky inside the shopping mall.

2015-02-04 周三
Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro

Day5. We go to two famous streets in Macau.One is called the new road, the sreet itself is not so special, there are many shops and resturants.But i think the old buildings, which are portugal style are beautiful, even though they are not quite new.And the Ruins of St.Paul is great, too.I think there was a church back there a long time ago.We also go to the Macau museum which talks about the history od macau.


Have you ever seen Macau money

In the afternoon we go to another small street ner by,the Rua da Cunha.A very.small sreet, only 115 metres long, but there are so many resturants there, most of the sell snack like ice cream and cakes...Only one big resturant sells sea food.

2015-02-05 周四

DAY.6 we go back to Shanghai by plane.