The Trip of Thailand


The Trip of Thailand

2015-02-06 周五
The Hotel
The name of this hotel is Sugar Marina Resort. It has a swimming pool inside it. The water felt a little cold. However, we still enjoyed the time in the pool very much. No matter the water was cold or hot, the most important thing was to play with our friends and enjoy it.


My room

The Beach
This golden beach is very close to the hotel. It only took us about five minutes to get there. And the water there is clean enough so that we could even see the tiny fish swimming in the sea!

we were chasing the waves.


2015-02-07 周六
Go Surfing(>o<)
Hum... What can I call it...surf making machine. We went surfing on the man-made-wave...Because we never surf before, the beautiful and cool coach taught us how to control the surfboard.

This was olny excerising, but it is really fun.

One day, we will go to sea and surf on the real wave!

"I am flying on the water~"

I am waiting for the day that I can surf on the real wave.



Ah~you can't bury me alive!

Haha, find the point yourself.

2015-02-08 周日

The wind on that day was fierce, so our boat was like a tiny cradle on the sea.SWAYING...So almost every parent was seasick...*~*(then they fed the fish>~<)the vomit...Then, every body went fishing!

The boat finally anchored at an uninhabited island and stopped waving~ We had snorkel for two times that day.The first time was before the lunch, and only children went down into the sea. After the lunch, parents went down the water, and the mothers all screamed because they could't reach the seabed...So we were all laughing at them. At last, we couldn't bear their scream any more, so we just put on the snorkelling suits and teach them how to use the tube...

Went out to sea

My mom got a fish!

My dad also got one!

We fed the fish with the bread.

The fish seemed starving, they ate a lot of the bread.

So we enjoyed our time playing with them~

At the wharf
Let's say bye bye to the mariner and the boat~

Wow~Every body is here~

2015-02-09 周一

My friends were all screaming and running away when they saw the snake on my nack. I just stood there and said:"What are you doing? Come here, it's really fun to play with the snake!" So my friends came to me with great care and tought(poke)the snake swiftly. Finally they found that the snake won't hurt them, so we all had a happy hour snapping and interacting with them.

Snake Show
We saw three kinds of snakes in that show. Boa, Cobra, and King cobra. The boa won't hurt us,so we took pictures with them. But the cobra is more dangerous than boa, we could only watch them and keep distance from them.The king cobra was the most dangerous snake.So we all keep safe distance from it.

I was the only person taking the snake~


The cobra raised it's head and stared at me.

Karting is an exciting and interesting game. I could even drive it by myself! The four-wheel-kart had two seat. So my dad became my passenger~ At first I couldn't drive it so well, and we were stucked beside the road. But then, I could control my kart. So I enjoyed my ride very much. I love karting!


What a happy ride we had!

Go! Go! Go!

Every body karts now~

Riding on an eleplant! This is not the experience that every one can have!

I even rode on the elephant's head!

Hey buddy!Let's take a picture!

2015-02-10 周二
Beach Bye~ Bye~

Haha, find the point yourself~

Bye~ Tailand~