I joined the school's exchange program to The Nueve School in USA. First week, I went to Knott's Berry Farm which is America's first theme park, Disney Land, and Universal Studio in Los Angeles. Second week, I went to The Nueva School and stayed with my host student, Sophia and her family. So does Bella, she was my host student. The Nueva students were all very friendly. Also, I met Anika and Lucy who were the last year's exchange students to SMIC. I met them when I got to The Nueva Highschool Campus. We also wnet out for ice-skating and bowling. Even though it was my first time to play the bowling, I've got second place. I made the chocolat chip cookies in both Sophia and Bella's house. We went to Standford University, and also the church and the art museum there. We bought the same designed Standford T-shirt there to celebrate ourselves that we've got to Standford.

2015-02-13 周五

I went to the beach with Sophia and her mom to have dinner. Even it's in winter, but the weather was really warm so I saw somebody was surfing. I had my first oyster in US, but it wasn't bad. Another afternoon, we went to see Sophia's horse riding practice. The horse was huge, but Sophia's mom told me that some horses are even bigge than Sophia's horse. Aleha was a nice girl too. When I was staying at Bellas home, Aleha invited us to go to her house and play together. We played X-Box, and watched a "crazy movie" called, "Wendy Wu:Homecoming Warrior". Everybody started to cry when we left The Nueva School on the bus. All I heard is that they were sniffing their noses

2015-02-14 周六

We went to America's first theme park on the first day of the trip.The theme park was called Knott's Berry Farm. The hotel's name that we stayed was Knott's Berry Hotel. The theme park was not too far from the hotel. I think it cost us 20minutes to get there by feet. There was many huge rides for us, but only Cecil, Jennifer, Mr.Neema,Eric and I wasn't afraid of them. I think the people who didn't ride the rides were just wasting their money. There were about 10 rides, and the "crazy group" which I took part in rode most of them except some rides for babies.

2015-02-15 周日

We went to the Disney Land. I've only been to the Disney Land in HongKong. It was pretty big and interesting. We rode almost everything there. Last two hours we just repeated to rode The Big Thunder Mountain which is the rode with thrill and The Space Mountian which is the most popular ride in Disney Land. Actually, the ride with the setting of Indiana Jones scared me a lot.The entrance was pretty long, and there were skulls and bones everywhere, but the ride, was really fast and funny. The only snack I ate there (except the lunch) was the Micky shaped pritzel.

2015-02-16 周一

We went to the Universal Studio which was the place I mostly like to be there because there are transformers, simpsons, minions, mummy, and the real actors. Actually, there was a real man in the transformer which I posted. He didn't show out he was tired, but he told me that don't push his leg, other wise he'll fell. The Mummy ride was so cool, it goes really fast and it goes backward at the end. The Transformer ride was so fun that I'll never forget. You should wear the 3D glasses and you'll gonna take the ride. The ride was rocking back and forth. I was on "crush" with Bumble-B which is the main transformer in Transformer. He was so cool when he saved us.