2015-12-17 周四
Auckland International Airport

View from the apartment in the city Centre. Rm 1904, 1539 San Pablo.

2015-12-18 周五
Santiago Centro

first meal, a typical local food, but very Chinese!

Plaza de Armas

motorbikes parade

fully armed police

The National Museum of History is on strike!

A beautiful central post office

The Metropolitan Cathedral

MATT thinks this resembles the sculpture in the St Peter's in Rome.

San Cristobal Hill

this is what you get at the top of the San Cristobal Hill.

Fukai fusion Japanese restaurant.

Having dinner after visiting the hill. it's still light around 9pm.

Matt tastes the complimentary coffee liqueur.

2015-12-19 周六
Costanera Centre
Biggest and most modern shopping Centre in Santiago.

still suffering from jetlag. Woke up at 11am and the first thing to do is to find a restaurant for lunch. Santiago's international cuisines are limited to Japanese and Italian, it seems. I have tried Chilean food.


goodbye, Santiago. Tomorrow we will sail from Valparaiso.

Night view from the apartment.

2015-12-20 周日
Historic Quarter of the Seaport City of Valparaiso

A coffee stop on the way to Valparaiso, as part of the one day tour we joined from Santiago

Easter Island statue

This necklace uses Chilean's blue stone and copper. A uniquely crafted piece of jewelry. Bought from a gift shop near Valparaiso.

our Princess cruise ship is waiting for us.

Another Plaza de Armas, Valparaiso.

drinking Chilean's national drink pisco Sour. Lunch break in Valparaiso

Valparaiso's famous murals.

Another mural

my favorite mural

2015-12-22 周二
Star Princess

Lido Deck 305.


A formal night

2015-12-24 周四
Christmas on Star Princess

Christmas dinner at the usual fine dining room Capri

professional tango performance

Jane and me having a Pina Colada at the Explorer Lounge, where we danced every night to the music played by the band.

Jane and Dan. A Chinese couple living in Auckland. Dan loves dancing and has been my dance partner during the cruise

Mid ship Piazza is decorated with Christmas lights.

Punta Arenas

Near Punta Arenas, but we canceled the port call, due to a medical evacuation of a passenger earlier. We had to sail through the rough sea for two nights to make up for the 5-hour delay to stay on schedule. still, due to bad weather and the delay, we couldn't disembark at Punta Arenas.

Military ships often seen around Argentine shores

2015-12-25 周五
Ship approaching Ushuaia

Views from the bridge of the Star Princess. This is the outdoor swimming pool where people usually sunbathing, swimming and watching movies from the large screen.

Woke up to this amazing scenary of snow capped mountains along the Beagle Channel. it's summer, but it's only 10 degrees outside, more or less.


The beautiful harbor of Ushuaia.

Museum didn't open on the Boxing Day

Main road off the wharf

King crab live from the aquarium tank and steamed at one of the many restaurants near the port, attracting many tourists. on that day, Norwegian cruises and the Princess berthed side by side, bringing about 7000 people into this small and southernmost city of the world.

Cape Horn

We rounded the world's southernmost tip of the continent - Cape Horn!

2015-12-27 周日
Falkland Islands, Stanley

Christ Church Cathedral, the world's southernmost Anglican church.

The only café in Stanley makes amazing flavored coffee. Matt is having a caramel flavored coffee - delicious!

Stanley's only supermarket has an extensive collection of wines and beers. We found at least 5 brands of New Zealand wines, from Auckland, Marlborough and Hawkes Bay.

This post office uses most advanced PayPal on a smartphone to accept payments with credit cards. impressive! Still, we love the old fashioned way of sending a postcard back home, don't we ☺?

The Museum is small but very informative. We spent nearly 2 hours there. This is an assembly of a 19th century living room and kitchen in Stanley.

An amazingly detailed model of a ship from 18th century.

So, during the war, householders were required to provide food and bed for soldiers.

Didn't manage to get to see penguins in their colonies, and so we took this photo in the museum and bought a beautiful photo of gentoo penguins from the studio run by the local artist Juliette. She takes fabulous photos of the local landscape and animals and makes them into art works.

View from the museum.

I took this photo of Norwegian cruises' tender boats from my cabin balcony. Their passengers had to wait in long queues to get back in a tender boat, but we didn't have to wait at all. Don't think I would try another cruise line now. Princess cruises provide high standards of services.

2015-12-29 周二
Approaching Buenos Aires

A good collection of international wines at the bar near the Piazza, where musicians play tango every right. We opened two bottles of wine and have a glass or two every dinner at the fine dining restaurant called Capri.

Matt did a couple of rounds of wine tasting.

Art Gallery

Lost 50 dollars in less than 3 minutes! That has taught me a lesson!

2015-12-29 周二
Buenos Aires

Back street near the cruise terminal - rubbish and debris everywhere, but Sky TV dishes are poking out of the shabby apartments. All these are only blocks away from the modern city center. Star Princess spent a day at the port.

I naively had a photo taken with someone's pretty pony, but was chased for money I guess, but I didn't understand a word said by the guy. Never again.

A beautiful jewelry shop where I bought a pendant and ring with Argentine unique Inca Rose stone.

Matt bought me these as our 12th anniversary gift. Made with Rhodocrosite (Inca Rose) - unique Argentine stone.

This is the most exclusive and beautiful shopping mall in Buenos Aires. We went inside on our last day in Buenos Aires - more photos later.

Plaza de San Martin

Star Princess New Year's Eve

Dining at specialty Italian restaurant Sabatini.

Star Princess production "British Invasion".

I love my "Happy New Year" tiara!

Party at midship Piazza.

Party at the swimming pool and open air cinema.

Wayne and May from HK. Great ball room dancers.

2015-12-30 周三

Some small lanes near the port. Walking distance to the old and current city center.

Can't stop admiring these gorgeous early 20th century or even older buildings. Unfortunately some are abandoned and left to decay.

every city has a cathedral.

a small plaza within the old town center.

Old gate to entre the Plaza de La Independencia. the only remaining part of the fortress.

the city's gorgeous old theater.

The highest private building of the old Mondevideo, designed and owned once by a German architect. built in 1928.

View of the harbor from the top of the private building. we walked in for a tour.

View of the square from the top of the building.

A gathering area within the private apartment and office building. they put on an exhibition of the architect's work, and have balls there. the national radio station is also housed on this floor.

the national museum of creative arts

2015-12-31 周四
Star Princess

Cheaza sings Whitney Houston's songs

Rio Carnival style party on board Star Princess.

2016-01-03 周日
Sunrise at Star Princess
Rio de Janeiro Harbour
2016-01-04 周一
Copacabana Beach

Copacabana beach, near our apartment at 3806 Ave Atlantica

Corner connecting Copacabana and Ipanema

Ipanema Beach
2016-01-05 周二
Cristo Redentor Statue of Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer - picture by the cruise destination expert.

Football stadium

Maracana Stadium, where Brazilian football games are played

Cathedral of Rio

Cathedral of Rio - like a cone. Unique design

Sugar Loaf Mountain Pao de Acucar
Samba dome

Samba dome

2016-01-06 周三
National Museum of Fine Arts

Buffet at a restaurant in Centro. Great value - NZD 11 and only took 20 minutes.

buffet restaurant in Centro

Municipal Theatre
2016-01-07 周四
Botanic Gardens
Copacabana Beach
2016-01-08 周五
Copacabana Palace Hotel
Amsterdam Sauer Ipanema

Models of the mining of the stones.

We also visited the factory of H.Stern - another beautiful jewelry shop. But no photos were allowed.

Garota de Ipanema

Where the song of "The Girl from Ipanema" was composed.

A craft beer bar in Ipanema
2016-01-09 周六
Palermo - where we stayed

Ave Uriarte 2363, 19F, Buenos Aires. The first night of our stay.

First meal at the local steakhouse

Sprawling city views from the apartment.

Sunset view from the apartment.

The Apartment Building

In Buenos Aires, these are what people eat for breakfast. Plus steaks, but why aren't there any obese people? Perhaps it's because they don't sleep until midnight and they have siesta in the afternoon!

Local travel agency where we booked out of town trips.

Street sculpture.

Sculptures like this could be found in many intersections of Boulevards.

Goodbye, Buenos Aires. Waiting for the taxi to take us to the airport.

2016-01-10 周日
Cathedral of Buenos Aires
Casa Rosada
Plaza de Mayo
Bicentennial Museum
San Telmo
Florida Avenue and central

Chinese ICBC Bank

Plaza Italia Metro station

Suddenly someone started to strip down to his undies in the mestro! It turned out to be a Flashmob! These two tourists were part of this.

So Matt was asked by the young lady to be part of this game too!

2016-01-11 周一
Recoleta Cemetery Cementerio de la Recoleta

Eva Duarte - Evita's tomb

Esquina de Carlos Gardel
Teatre Colon

This Theatre has the best acoustics amongst the world's best theatres.

2016-01-12 周二
Evita Museum and Restaurant

Museum Restaurant offers great value for money - fantastic 3 course lunch, beautiful tranquil courtyard, and attentive services for only 160 pesos per person.

2016-01-13 周三
2016-01-14 周四
Museum of Latin American Arts

Avenue Liberator, where the museums are.

Museum of Fine Arts
Automobile Club
Museum of Decorative Arts
2016-01-15 周五
Colonia del Sacramento

Typical Argentine breakfast: sweet pastries and coffee.

We are catching the Buquebus ferry to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.

Disembarking the ferry after one -hour fast ferry ride.

Puerto - the ferry terminal.

The first grand old building we saw in town. We thought it was a museum, but it's not.

The town's light house.

Old town square.

The town's church, with interesting artworks hanging around from the ceiling.

View of the church

2016-01-16 周六
Iguazu Town

View from the Saint George Hotel room.

Dona Maria Restaurant at the hotel. Fantastic buffet dinner including the best grilled meat we had in Argentina.

2016-01-17 周日
Iguazu Falls - Argentina

Coatis everywhere in the park. They belong to the raccoon family.

The first sighting of the waterfalls. We were excited already!

Wild Orchids - smell beautiful.

A boat could take people right into the waterfall - quite frightening!

Want a shower? You have it!

Apparently it's too much to ask someone to pose for the camera!

rainbow always comes with the waterfall

Why is the water yellow? A lot of iron rich soil is being washed down by the waterfalls.

We often walked across wide open waters to reach the waterfalls.

Catching a train to the most famous "Devil's Throat "

You can hear the thunder and see the mist miles away.

Ladies are wearing appropriate attires for the mist and heat!

Iguana - a type of big lizard

2016-01-18 周一
Iguazu Falls - Brazil

Crossing the bridge to go to the Brazilian side of the waterfalls. The bridge is painted half in the Argentine colours and half in the Brazilian colours.

Entrance to the waterfall park. It's clear that Brazilian side has got better facilities and they also appear to be much more efficient. They take credit cards whereas the Argentine side takes cash only!

Argentine side has a tacky Sheraton Hotel. The Brazilian side has a beautiful heritage hotel in colonial style.

Animals don't care about the borders!

It's scary to look down from the top of the viewing platform.

A turtle resting on a rock - is it too hot?

2016-01-19 周二
Galerias Pacifico

Buenos Aires' most exclusive shopping mall at Florida Avenue has the most beautiful architecture, decor and murals. This is "Fountain Floor" with the indoor fountain.

Murals on the ceilings.

The Starbucks takes the best location of the building. Why?