Gatland's China Adventure


Gatland's China Adventure

2013-06-04 周二

At least that was the plan.......

Priority 2: Shopping for baby's clothes

Maggie said:" nice hat." AJ said:" nice everything else."

So much food, so less time.

2013-06-05 周三

Girl sitting quietly.......boy tries chat-up line.........girl's reaction says it all!

.....but apparently persistence pays off.......


War with Japan? Count me in.....

Couples do have different interests, but they are still together.....happily....

Ohhhh, what's that funny feeling.....ahh hold on....that's better!

One of the original department stores in Shanghai

I wonder what she is advertising??!!

Maggie and a lamppost (Maggie's the one on the left)

I wonder what's over the wall?

My photography sucks but my shadow looks really cool!

Any excuse for a cuddle......

The construction of what will be the tallest building in Shanghai.

This isn't fair - I am totally outnumbered here!

Happy Husband is busy cooking while the wife is busy looking outside...

40 years on and still cuddling....


Shanghai People's Park
2013-06-06 周四

Arrival in Kunming

"Cross the Bridge" rice noodles

She made it look easy!

Green Lake Park, Kunming

The Flower and Bird Market where you can buy anything living - relax -it's not all for human consumption

Let's buy it!

The famous steamed chicken - it promised so much but didn't quite deliver.

The equally famous Porcini mushrooms and ....BOY..... did they deliver!


Spot the Westerner....

The Westerner still stands out in a bigger crowd!

The beginning of a truly magical show.

2013-06-07 周五


Entry into another world.

The intrepid explorers.


The red team.

The red team saves the world.

OK, I'm the guy.....no, I'm the guy......NO, I'M THE GUY!

Spot the alien....

The geological version of paddy fields.

Natural rock formation known locally as "the crocodile".

A colourful lighting effect.

A member of the red team escaping from the underworld with the alien.

Red team member on the alien's planet (the Stone Forest)

Stone Forest

Landscape at the Stone Forest

Spicy chicken and herb grilled fish

2013-06-08 周六

Early morning arrival at the Dali hotel.....what a beautiful sight after 7 hours overnight on the train.

Would you like to join me in the hotel lobby?

The entry gate into Dali ancient town

A Dali style meal on a stick for a guy in a hurry

The most persistent old lady ever -she followed us everywhere trying to sell us those bloody whistles!

That's a load of bull!

Maggie and Arthur trying to pick up some energy from the Bird of Longevity.

Local bars

One of many local craft stalls.

Just a door........but what a door!

"Weave" never seen anything like this..............."B-loom-ing" marvelous!

Now this is a wine bar!

2013-06-09 周日

Dali sunrise with a hangover.

Breakfast time.

A few imports from Xin Xilan.

"I hate lots of people.....now leave me alone!"

"No we don't want to buy a ticket -we just want to take this photograph!"


Yunnan Province version of a Norfolk Island pine.

Local government offices.... a bit more character than Papakura District Council.

In Dalli every wall tells a story.

Al fresco shopping.

It was so real - almost surreal.

Maggie pretending to be a pimple on the bum of a horse.....

That's funny I could have sworn I called a taxi!

Yippee! More shopping!

Xi Zhou town square.

Xi Zhou Baba...aka Chinese pizza.

........and it was gooooooood!

Maggie doing what she does best, and Arthur pretending to be useful.

I wonder how many decades she's been doing that......

Tie-dye cloth ready for dyeing.

Aren't they beautiful - and the tie-dye material looks good too.

This was amazing to watch - it had to be seen to be believed.

The first part of the dyeing process.

Totally amazing.....

You walk over there, and I'll walk over here, and nobody will suspect we are together!


The gateway to Dali ancient town.

They all look great - guess which one doesn't taste so good.....

Giant banyan tree.

A work of art in pickles by Ruby Productions Limited.

What do you mean we're always arguing?! No we're not! Yes we are! No we're not......!

When the wine's delivered, the arguing always stops.

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