Voyage de France


Voyage de France

2013-06-20 周四
Liverpool Street, London, UK

Arcade换英镑 排了好久的队!But indeed very good rate!

2013-06-21 周五
Lille, France

Our first stop. Great French cuisine started here! Juicy grilled cod, simply fabulous food. I am loving fish!

Meert is like the Fortnum& Mason in France, but smaller and more relaxed. Desserts are eye-catching. A bit too sweet though. Waitress are quite arrogant, with us waiting at the door for almost 15 minutes while half of the tables are empty... Maybe this is what's called French!

Lovely little town, casual and relaxed. Take a walk downtown, breath the fresh air. What an escape!


Driving our way into Paris, sun shines on the Seine~

2013-06-22 周六

Colette is indeed super cute! The romantic version of Liberty. Saw a photographic book by Anderson something, with photos of the "British Royal" doing 'normal' things. The Queen sitting on the toilet with pants down hanging on the knees. Kate wearing nothing but a crown and a fury gown, etc... Great idea, and this is what we call contemporary art!!! Sweet cartoon postal card, and I've got a cute red leather case for my iPhone. Hooray!

Small boutique clothes shop by the street. Independent studio with a good lot of summery Parisian design. V. Romantic & Cute. Plus never to worry about running into someone with exactly the same dress!

BEST confit duck I've ever had! Fatty and juicy! Casual restaurant with chic wine rack. Bravo!

Louvre at night looks just different! Sit in front of it with a cup of hot tea. Thinking about past, current, and future. About home, family, friends, and love. What am I doing now? Where am I heading to?

2013-06-23 周日

Long stairs takes you from cosy residential corner to a completely different place! Climbing up, feeling like you are entering a completely new area! Here we come, Monmartre!

Dali is simply genius! Wild imagination and vivid expression! Melting clock with standing objects. Walking the line between bold and absurd...

Place du Tartre at Monmartre is such a lively area. Artists, tourists, local business. See and feel Parisian crossing over with the outside world, where tradition crush with the modern life.


A huge selection of wine, and great value! Got a box of Bollinger. Bravo!