2013 Consumer Core Team Building


2013 Consumer Core Team Building

2013-08-16 周五

We were very happy to participate in our department-2013 CCC consumer core team building in PingTan Island,Fujian Province.During the period, we were closed to the blue sky,kissed the clean ocean,played beach soccer etc...very relax,awesome TB...

As we arrived at our hotel,Trista's very excited

Waited the bus to go to seaside...

P's Denish friends-Boris(left) and Jamal :-)Both're very good guys.

The weather's hot...but there're still "people mountain people sea" :-)

I can't believe the seawater's soooooooooo clean here.It's even as clean as Erhai(in Dali city,yunnan province) If I knew this beforehand I would take bikini with me maybe,lol

Gave big hugs to the ocean...

"Bury alive",lol,the funny games made me think of my childhood

Jellyfish!!!!!It's my first time to see the "real" jellyfish. Awesome!!!!It's still alive!!!!

Since we didn't take swimsuit with us we decided to take off shoes and walk around the seaside and tried to find something interesting.We didn't know that it's getting flood tide and our shoes were gotten wet. :-(


Cute little girl :-) she felt shy when I was taking the picture.

Maybe the whole afternoon would rain, the sky's not that blue.

Man-made castle...but it's suffering from the "flood"

Beach soccer!!!!!! Held on the turmoil beach but each of them could really enjoy in it,terrific!!!

Team leaders' trick for someone who dressed up :-)

I am always infatuated with cute little girls.



Big Party's beginning. One of the leaders challenged the two Denmark guys by drinking beers.

At last Jamal won the competition

S and I won the manager Martin's award and gave presentations to the whole department.S really had a great sense of humour and made us laugh a lot.

I was asked one of the most difficult questions in the world as I picked the microphone.

The Award.

The sky lantern.

Shoot off the fireworks....It meant a lot for Chinese Since it's illegal for most the modern cities nowdays and to do it always made us feel excited/relax and thought about the childhood we had and spring festival...

Our sky lantern!!!!

The sky lantern would take our dreams to the high sky and we did hope all of our dreams would realize.

Boris and Jamal's sky lantern.

Anwin and weiqin's sky lantern.

2013-08-17 周六

A pretty amazing day we had!!! Most of us stayed up very late...Drank a lot with happy a lot...

Windmills made in Denmark. My first time to see the real windmills.

The windmills were so welcomed it attracted many photographers.


Just a quick note about we arrived in pingtan town and checked in our hotel.

Sun glass....made us look like blind people :-) In fact our vision's pretty good.

Soooooooooo cooooooooooooooool

Amy(left) and I

Boris and Chongyang!! Boris's really good at using chopsticks, he could pick up peanuts on a flying round table easily although he'd just been in China for only 6 months.

  • Take bikini with you since the seawater's very clean.
  • Wear sun glass even though you're myopia.
  • 1 day go to seaside 1 day sleep in hotel.