First trip to Alaska


First trip to Alaska

2013-08-28 周三
Dulles International Airport
Stupid United airline delayed my flight by 2 hrs:(

Stupid United airlines!!!!

Newark International Airport
Newark Liberty International Airport
not bad, busy airport(even busier than Dulles)

Without surprise I missed my connecting flight to SFO :( And when I landed I got that annoying machinery call from UA again saying that I've been rebooked for Friday and I was like WTF.

But luckily I went straight to the UA customer service and told them the story. The lady kindly scheduled me to a flight to Denver and then Denver to Anchorage. That's awesome except that the flight from Newark to Denver were fully booked and I was in the standby line... 听天由命

Whooooph can't believe I made it! I got in to that flight to Denver!!! I can make it to Anchorage tonight !

Denver International Airport
Denver International Airport,United States

Finally I made it to Denver and was even a few minus ahead of the schedule even though the flight got delayed and awaited on the runway. Denver is ... quite "different" from what I thought that there should be mountains around but it turned out to be quite flat. Beautiful sunshine and I'm happy!

Interesting setup. Yeah ugly but interesting.


Can't believe i paid $7.99 for the crappy movies and this map on board. The live TV service was out once we were out of US. And as a Comcaster I paid direct tv for this 8-)

anchorage into' airport
2013-08-29 周四

4:35am Good Morning Alaska. The airport board-cast woke me up every 30 mins, sharp!

Good thing is, we are gonna get our cars within 1 hr.

Anchorage Walmart

Our bus got fucked by food!

Fred Meyer

At Fred Meyer we found our deadly blend fuel X-p

After all these we are finally all set to head to Glacier.