Trip to ShenZhen_2013


Trip to ShenZhen_2013

Shenzhen Window of the World
"Window of the world" park is the landmark of shenzhen so it's worth visiting here.

"window of the world" tower looks very beautiful at night.

On the way to JW Marriott Hotel to meet friend, took another picture here at day.

At the gate of "window of the world" park, there're also many buildings with beautiful lights. If you don't want to let yourself down when you visit a city south of China, please come here at night.

I think the fountain's one of the most beautiful scenes in the park. Amazing!!!

"window of the world" but I didn't meet people from all over the world.lol

Can you guess where is the construction from?~~~Thailand.

Maybe, it's India


I was so sleepy that I closed my eyes...lol.In order to commemorate my friend's first time to use NIKON D90 to take picture for me, I tolerate his fault.


?? It's dark at night I couldn't read the information...


Maybe it's from Russia

The tower kept changing its color,very beautiful....

The exit of the park. It's hot that night, a lot of sweat.

2013-09-18 周三

An interesting part of the trip. We are on the subway to go to hotel after supper. I don't want to put these pictures as a single part, but the website "forces" me to do.lol

the "family" of the world: US-HK-Mainland(shenzhen,hunan,dalian)

One of them had a "concern" about their relationship.lol

Selly and Richard.

I was absorbed by the little girl and her mother.Full of love.

Happy Valley of Shenzhen

Happy valley.

Beer tower.

I love taking pictures in a different perspective. For the partk, there are lots of stores' brands with very special design.

You are being watched!!! Who??

The topic of children won't be out of fashion.

Cool girl.

Seafood pasta, wonderful.

It looks nice but I don't think it tastes good. lol

Shenzhen University

Every time I visited a new city I would like to go to the university. Shenzhen university's one of the most popular universities in China (maybe in the world), have a quick look.

To walk along/alone the road of the university it seemed that I were a student.lol

Could you remember the freshman military training?

The way back to hotel.


"Shekou" area is the world of foreigners. There're lots of foreingers' stores here.Also it's my first time to eat Indian food.A very complicated feeling.

The boss of the restaurant is an Indian, he took the picture for us.Indian design style here.

We had difficulty in choosing...the Indian food

Cashew Rice.(Do you think the rice looks like worms.lol, I am joking, it tastes ok.)


Free walk along shenzhen.

From 22nd floor in Marriott Hotel, have a overlook of shenzhen.A very boom city

The subway ticket and routes map in shenzhen. It's not the same convenient to buy a ticket as shanghai.

To pick up HK friend selly on luohu district bus station.

Selly(right) took a lot of Japanese snacks for Trista.

5 stars hotel near bus station.

LAMBORGHINI parked outside of the Marriott hotel since a wedding. There're so many richmen in shenzhen.lol

I love these tall buildings in shenzhen and this is "Tencent", it's a very cool building but with a QQ brand...it's a little comical.lol

2013-09-19 周四
Dali Cang Mountain

To catch a couples of litter sister Trista's pictures in dali city which I think they are very interesting and beautiful.

  • If you are in south of China like xiamen, please double check the weather before go to shenzhen. I encountered typhoon when came back to xiamen very awkward experiences.
  • To go to window of the world park at night, it's more beautiful than at day,plus the ticket is cheaper.But you need a reliable camera.
  • To avoid the peek months to go to shenzhen.