Find something on the way.

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Find something on the way.

2013-08-16 周五

My hometown. 篱笆地

Hometown moonlight. So bright so nice.

I like every journey. So nice. And all of them can be the best experience. I should treasure them.

Make me think the fat who were trapped in a cage. Haha. So funny.

Have a break. I am so tired in my heart. Don't want to say any words. I have thought too much that even myself cannot bear them all.

2013-08-17 周六

Good morning. To the bright everything. Green and life are the best things.

Bright sky and white clouds. Good time.

Welcome to Zhejiang. Look forward to facing it again.

Hello Xitang. Nice to see you here. How do you do.


Crazy hat and funny face

Golden fishes ?! Seem to so crazy and delicious.

To myself. Happy postcard with best wishes.

Nice bridges with long history.

Best wishes written on the wall. Hope every wish can be realized.

Nice boats full of love and feeling.

Amazing fruit. What what?

Lunch. A little bit tired.

Feeling restaurant. Xitang Family.

Active bottles from bars. Amazing

How long can both of the boats meeting again. How poor the birds are. For live for love.

Cats!! Wonderful. Hello kitty.

So hot.

Roman Holiday. Do you remember. The man's hand was disappeared. But this is the machine that can tell you the future by watching your hands.

Beautiful clouds beautiful sunset beautiful travel.

Hello qiandaohu

Xitang Ancient Town
2013-08-18 周日

So many boats that try to travel the future sea.

So wide so open. I am from seas.

Calm down. Shut up. Stop. Golden fishes.

Hey man. So amazing.

So hot so sweat.

Pay any attention on the way. Just like the life. We should never forget any moment in our life

Step step step. Day day up. If you can step every step hard and patient we can make any magic.

So hot so hot. Come on come on

Progress make prefect. So blue so nice. Not so hard as we used to think.

Can you see the red in green. Amazing. The higher you stay the farther you can see.

Mountains never disappear. I love the green so much that I always think I am in and with them.

So large tea pot. Can I hide in it.

Tea House Tea House. So hot. I want to be in.

So beautiful. The travel is treasure.

Cai Shuyu seem too tired but she had already made up her mind.

Sisters. Forever love.

The world in my heart. But I had already found I am so small in the such huge world.

Hai Rui. A great leader.

Handwriting. I love but I can't

All these rocks are similar with the spirit of hr. Hard valuable and amazing.

I love the wooden chairs with trees.

Old lights. Full of feeling.

Amazing stories and wonderful personalities. The word written by hr

Amazing building house.

Old modern doors with wonderful wooden flowers. Old history should be hand on and feel.

Amazing and made me shake.

I am a magic. Wasn't I.

See. The coin on the bottom. The coin on the side

Good for every party leaders.

I want one as well.

President Xi. He had already grown up but how about my future.

President Mao. Great person with amazing personalities.

The greatest person that leads the Chinese to explore the right new way to success. Great and I am so proud of him.

Thousand Island Lake Qiandao Hu
2013-08-19 周一

Clouds around the feeling house. Fantastic.

Huang Shang. The store that was made to explain all to travelers

Fantastic building ways. I don't know why I am always shook and moved by these houses. Maybe I need a humorous feeling and can explain even everything to the mountains.

Machines run slowly at first but after a while it will become even faster.

The first step to our hard journey.

We were coming from there. Wonderful buildings and wonderful person.

What is the tree like. Guess

So amazing. Eagles? No it's the true stones. And the most importance is it is the wonder of the nature.

Welcome Tree. How hard life made it. The harder we have,the beautiful future we will get.

I am a good guy. And of course a good girl as well. I am strong and even I can leave you.

So tired. And can you see the back. Maybe nothing but the true things are not always coming after the eyes. They are lying.

The tallest. We are champion.

It's time to say goodbye. I want to come again.

Mt Huangshan Yellow Mountain
Greeting Pine Ying Ke Song
Huangshan Beihai