Find Taiwan


Find Taiwan

2013-07-11 周四

I was always curious about what the actual Taiwanese life, which did push me to explore it at last summer holiday. Since all photos were taken by mobile only, most of them even were lost when I transferred them to my laptop, this trip plan may looks a bit simple. But this may give me a reasonable excuse to travel there next time.

Since my home is close to Xiamen, where there is a cheap way to Taiwan, namely boarding to Jīnmén and then flying to Taipei. Total time may be three and a half hours, while the price is just RMB1250. You can pre-buy on the website of Huaxin Airline or other airlines or buy it in the Xiamen port. The price is almost the same among the airlines and travel agencies.


It was the snack provided by the Huaxin airline when I arrived Jīnmén port. Simple but sweet.

2013-07-12 周五

Freedom Square

The delicious foods in Shilin Night Market. It is the cons to travel here alone, because after not more than two snacks I was already full, shit.

Taipei 101 love 中华

ESLITE bookshop

The Freedom Square as well, but taken from the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. The background was pretty suitable for the freedom theme.

On the subway from Songshan Airport to city centre. If the airline you choose can reach Songhan Airport in addition to Taoyuan Airport, the former may be better. Since the subway is convenient and the time is about twenty minutes from the airport to city centre.

In Taiwan, everybody have the consciousness to stand rightward on the escalator, allowing people who have urgency to pass quickly. It does need to be learned by us.

The same system as that in UK for people to go across the road.

Pretty handsome dog

A really complex feeling when I saw the flag

National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

2013-07-13 周六

The sea side here is really beautiful and there are a lot of interesting shops at the old street. Of course the local snack also deserves to try.

2013-07-14 周日
Lu Yeh High Land

It was my first time to see so many hot air balloon . There were two shows each day in the balloon festival. Each show lasted two hours, but only when the weather is suitable can the balloon fly in the sky. Thanks to the boss of the hostel who drove me to the place in the early morning. Even when I arrived the Highland the show was going in the end. But the manager also gave me the chance to site on the hot air balloon, when she heard about that I am a backpacker from Chinese mainland. How kind is the Taiwanese.

2013-07-15 周一

Kengting Baisha Beach, the sea is so limpid, like it.

snorkeling, the under sea view is amazing, maybe next time diving in Indonesia, hah


The fire is the gas from underground, all year on. A little like ghost fire.

2013-07-16 周二
Love River

Kaohsiung is a modern city, the whole city is clean and not so crowded compared to Taipei. The subway systems of the two cities are different, so the city card of Taipei is not accessible at Kaohsiung. Actually the subway is almost empty at Kaohsiung, have no idea. The picture was taken at love river side. A silent moment but where is my lover?

2013-07-17 周三

Pictures also lost at Taichung, the boss of the hostel is too welcoming, drove me to the local night market, bought snack to me, and also prepared Tiramisu for me when I arrived. On the second day, she drove me to Tunghai University, which is the most beautiful university in Taiwan, and planed the day-trip timetable for me. Wow, how friendly she is. But this made me feel a bit being pushed, which I don't like.

The documents required for the trip should be prepared ready half moth before your trip. And the hostel I stayed and the train I took were all bought when I arrived the destination. But if the time you choose is high season you'd better pre-order on the internet. Don't worry about the delay of the train. In Taiwan when the train you take delay more than forty-five minutes, you can get full refund at any train station in Taiwan for one year.