2014-03-03 周一

So many days of preparation, trying hard not to over-plan this holiday. 5 weeks to travel finally got the initial flights and accommodations settled. Very relieved. Now if only packing can be as simple. We wanted carry-one only but the hiking pack might be too large. So we'll use roller bag instead? But that adds weight and bulk especially with honey's regular suitcase... Wait no over-planing! We won't worry about packing for a couple more weeks then... There're always something else to worry about :P

My darling is getting ready to travel. But first we need to charge up the batteries~

2014-03-07 周五

"Are we there yet?"

Ok all set! .... Not quite. But I did fixed up my favourite KC pant. Have been obsessed with researching outlets in HK. Want to buy a Gucci purse for Kalo (shhhhh don't tell her yet) but really do I want to harbour her love of material things? Beside the truely cheap place to get lux items are US & Europe... Maybe I'll give it a miss and focus on getting some good rest. I'll let Kalo earn her own Gucci bag instead.

Time to bed~ more travel discussion with honey tomorrow.

2014-03-21 周五

No. 1 says, 'Mummy why can't I go to China?' ):( 'Sorry luv you went to mummy's graduation last time. It's No. 2's turn this time. But hey, you get to go to Hokkaido next year!' 'Yay~ Onsen' *bobbing away*

21 days to China trip. Counting down...

*Practising onsen-bathing* sorry darling you have to stay home with the rabbits :-*